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Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

JakBB – Klip, Video Streaming Collaboration Works

Collaboration is a noun of “collaborate”. According to Merriam-Webster, one of its meaning is “to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor”. We think we are not yet at the level of “intellectual endeavor” , but at least we do something together. Ideanesia and JAK-BB do collaboration in defining a kind of service which called JakBB-Klip.
The idea is to share interesting video klip that available on internet to other member community of JakBB. So what we designed together is something that unique, represent of Jakarta, and in video form. That what we develop in JakBB – Klip – a video klip collection that available to watch by using streaming. With this application, people can see the theme of the week, like our first theme is “Benyamin S”, one of Jakarta commedian and artist.  For sub-sequence weeks, we plan to change the theme weekly.
By the way, because some celular operator charge for streaming service their customer beside monthly fee, please make sure that your BlackBerry Unlimited Package include Free Streaming Service or Your Blackberry connect with WiFi Internet Access. Otherwise, your balance will wipe out quickly for this streaming service.
So, what you waiting for? Just install the JakBB – Klip launcher to your BlackBerry.

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